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Now a days Clipping Path Service is surely important for e-commerce businesses because one factor that most people consider when looking for the best photoshoot services is the editing capability of the service provider. Everyone wants their photo to look amazing that they can share with other people. This requires that you delegate this duty to a top-tier company that knows what they are doing, and that is where we come in. Clipping Path Station is a leading image clipping service provider company that offers its photo editing services in different countries such as Australia, USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, UK, and France. We mainly help you focus on what matters the most when editing your photo.

How Do We Help Drive E-Commerce Business?

You may be wondering how we drive e-commerce business. Well, since we live in a digital world, transactions take place from virtually anywhere. Customers purchasing power is determined by how they perceive the photographs that are presented to them. The photographs help them decide whether or not they should purchase the product in question. This is why you need high quality images for all of your products. This will positively influence the buyers into getting the products that you are selling. Our Clipping Path Service main goal is to produce high quality images by removing unwarted background from product image

Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping Path Service Sample Images

What is Photoshop Clipping Path Service

For those who are not familiar with the term, clipping path refers to the vector shape forming the edge of a subject. Clipping path Service can be simply defined as an outline that gives an editorial control to allow you to put your model or product in your chosen backdrop. If you want to remove the focal point of the image from the background, a photo editing service provider can help you cut this away from the background. It doesn’t matter what you need, whether a plain and simple background highlighting the features of a product; a cut-out of your model or product without background that you can use in the future; or a lifelike example of the product when it is in action, a carefully and expertly placed CP is the very first step to achieving beautiful and stunning graphics.

Different advanced tools for photo editing give professional designers a chance to extract these from the background in a careful manner. However, not all providers of image clipping service are made equal. Tremendous skill is required to achieve a high quality image clipping that will not distort or cut into the image once you are ready to publish it. This is where our company comes in.

Why Is Clipping Path Service Necessary For Print Media Industry?

The print media industry relies on the use of clipping path services when designing business brochures, banners, and flyers among others. To effectively do this, you need to gather resources from various sources so that you end up with the best design. In designing all these, you need to use the clipping technique to make the final image to be exactly what the client asked for.

This is why media industries need to have a permanent editing expert who understands the job and delivers beyond expectation. This not only makes it easier when working on new projects, but also saves the company the cost of constantly hiring editing experts. In addition to that, hiring a professional editing expert also makes work very easy for company owners since they will not be involved in managing thousands of images, post-processing or even tracing the images. Everything is handled by the professional photo editor. Therefore, outsourcing your product photo editing to the best clipping path service provider is the best decision that any company can make.

Image Clipping Path

Why Photographers Choose Clipping Path Services?

Many people confuse photography and photo editing to mean the same thing. Well, the truth is that these are two different professions. Photographers are more concerned with taking the photos. Their work stops at taking photos. Editors on the other hand, take the photos that photographers took and edits them. They have to rely on professional editing agencies to do an amazing editing work.

Photographers mainly choose clipping path services when they mainly want to change the background of their image, or when they need any other editing services. Most of the online product photography requires the photographer to set a default white background. This is done with either papers or foams in the studio. Image Clipping Service is preferred in doing this because it completely ends the necessity of having to manually set a white background.

100% Hand Drawing Clipping Path Service Provider

We provide on-demand photoshop clipping path services to leading brands, photographers, retailers, and photo studios because we are available all over the world.

Types of Clipping Path Service, We Offer

Clipping jobs are not always the same. They can have different complexities that require different techniques. Below are the most common types of clipping path that you can get from our company:

Basic Clipping Path Service

Basic Clipping path Service

The basic clipping path is the cheapest and easiest out of the bunch. Solid objects can be removed with minimal curved edges from the backgrounds with the use of basic path. This is perfect for simple canisters, balls, books, framed art, and smartphones.
Regular Clipping Path Service

Regular Clipping path Service

Regular clipping path can still be done fast. This removes objects with more curves and edges than the ones in basic cp. This also works for items that contain holes like the inside of a necklace or ring or the interior of the mug handle. Simple path is used for background removal of products such as simple jewelry, single furniture or other standalone items.

Medium Clipping Path Service

Medium clipping path happens when the object with complicated edge should be removed from the background. This is usually complex enough to require the creation of several paths that will be merged together to attain the desired result. Medium clipping is ideal to remove the background from the grouping of simple objects.
Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex clipping paths are applied to items with multiple holes, extremely complicated edges, varied transparency levels or multiple objects. Anything with hair or fur requires complex cp and images that have models, products with netting, and groupings of complex and multiple items.
Multi Clipping Path Service

Multi Clipping Path Service

This is a form of complex clipping path with extra paths carefully made in the object itself. This saves you from the trouble of having to re-shoot if you alter the product’s color or you want to correct shadows in one part of the photo. This is ideal for grouping of products or complicated product that requires color correction or changes in some parts.

Supper Complex Clipping Path Service

There are times when an object needs numerous individual paths to the point a multiple or complex clipping is not enough. Super complex clipping paths can handle tough product photos. Pet crates, grouping of furry items, very complex pieces of jewelry and furniture with several cut-outs are perfect examples of images that need super complex clipping path.

This is one of the questions that have come up severally when it comes to the services offered by us. Well, removal of the background is not part of the clipping path service. However, the clipping path process is always required to cut out any background from an image. For an image to get the best background erasing experience, it has to first undergo the clipping path technique. To fill the small gap that exists between an ordinary photo and a masterpiece one, you need the expertise of the most trusted clipping path station.

A photographer will submit his images to us. The images will then be viewed and once the photo is evaluated and it is found to have fuzzy edges, then you are completely discouraged from using clipping path on your images. In such a case, an advanced image masking is more appropriate. There are different image masking services that are used for complex hair and fur image background removal.

If you are looking for an affordable clipping path service provider then you have come to the right place. We offer the lowest price range on all our clipping paths and photo editing services. This depends on the type of image, the complexity and the effort required to fix the image. When you compare us to other online editing services, we offer more than we say by word of mouth. We offer a 10% flat discount on bulk orders and besides this, the cheapest price of clipping path starting from $0.50. once we receive the images you want us to work on, we will send you a quote including how much it will cost for you. This helps us come into an agreement with all our clients.