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Cut Out Image Service

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What Is Cut Out Image Service?

Cut out image service is the process of taking an image and removing the background from that image in order to highlight the item, product, or person in the foreground of the image.

There are a few different ways and tools that you can use to cut out the background from an image. There are websites that will remove backgrounds for you, you can pay a freelancer to do it, but ultimately the best way to remove a background from an image is to use a clipping path in a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Using the pen tool inside of this software produces the best possible looking images when you do it by hand because you can zoom in to a granular level so that you can get everything you want in the image and nothing that you don't.

Cut out image services are available on many websites but we are the best. Because we use 100% quality and manual Photoshop clipping path function to edit photos for photographers, e-commerce business owners, and other business professionals.

This type of service is important for getting a good-looking product image in front of your ideal customer especially when it comes to the e-commerce business as a plain white background has become the industry standard for retailers like Amazon.

How Does Image CutOut Service Work ?

It is completely up to you which way you decide to use to cut out a background from an image but it depends on the type of image or the subject of the image, one method may be better than another. In most cases, the designer will apply what is called a clipping path by manually placing points to form a shape around the desired area. This increases the accuracy of the removal because you can get very granular by zooming in.

In cases where the image has a lot of hair or fur then it is fairly common for designers to use a mask in Photoshop which works better in this particular situation.

It also depends on the overall skill of the designer or editor doing the work.

1.Clipping Path

The clipping path method uses a technique using the pen tool in either Photoshop or Illustrator to remove the background or other items from an image to isolate the desired items you want to showcase. This technique achieves near-perfect results while giving you the creative freedom to take as little or as much of the image out that you want.

This method also makes natural-looking lines and curves that help the photo or image look more realistic.

Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service provider

2.Image Masking

When it comes to those photos with a lot of fur or even hair, Photoshop can be used to edit those with its specialized tools. Photoshop has a couple of tools that work great in this situation like the background erasing tool and the magic eraser. You can even mix and match any of the methods or tools if you need to in order to get the results that you want.

If you are wanting to do this by yourself, you need to focus on being consistent in the type of and the quality of product photo from your profile. Retailers like Amazon prefer that consistency when it comes to the product photos that it allows on their site.

After you have removed the background from the photos you are wanting to use a new background color on your image, you need to consider what you want the image to say to your customer. If you are wanting to add a simple color background, then you should consider what each of the possible colors might say to the customer.

Color theory is a very important thing when it comes to designing something for your business. Each color has a meaning and will invoke a specific emotion or feeling from someone who is browsing. This can cause them to purchase something from you or completely drive them away from your business. It is incredibly important for you to understand color theory and for you to pick colors that will work alongside your business. You also want to pick a color that works well or complements your current branding so that even your product images match your branding.

Pixel Perfect Cut Out Image Service Provider

We Provide 100% quality cut out image service for Professional Photographer, Advertising Agency, E-Commerce business owner, Printing organization,Leading Brands, Online Retailer and Graphic Design Agency.

Why Would You Outsource Image CutOut Service?

You may choose to outsource Image CutOut Service for a number of different reasons but, most likely it is because you want someone experienced to do it for you. We have experience with photo editing and we found that there are some situations where background removal is necessary.

1. To Follow Website Requirements

Some of the top eCommerce platforms have specific requirements for the product photos that want to you sell on their marketplace. They want photos with a specific color background. So if you choose to remove the background of your original product photos, it will make it easier to satisfy those websites' terms of service.

2. Clean up your photos.

When unwanted objects are added to a photo, it creates an uninteresting and messy look for customers. This especially applies when eCommerce store owners want their products to be shown in clean photos with attractive colors that pop off the screen without any distractions or issues such as shadows etcetera — all this can easily happen if you just fix those pesky little bugs before uploading!

 3. Optimize your photo

Website owners should compress their images to improve the user experience. Most of the time, using a photo straight from a mobile phone or a camera will have a large file size which can slow down your site. By removing the background of an image and inserting a white background, the file size can be reduced and this will make the website load faster.

The best way is to reduce the size of the image by about 50% so that you do not have to wait on the website to load an oversized image. You also want to opt for either a JPG or a WebP that will take up less space and take less time to load.

4. Replace the original background with other

If you want to replace the background of your photos with a new background, you should use an image cut out service. We will cut out your image background to make it transparent and then we will replace it with your preffered background or color professionally.

Who Needs Cut Out Image Service?

Image cut out services are perfect for e-commerce websites that like to promote products with nice, clean images across different platforms. This can be used to isolate the product from the background, and remove the background thus eliminating any distractions which will bring more attention to the product being featured.

Photo Cut Out Service For Fashion Images

With Photo Cut Out Service, you can supply the latest fashion trends without worrying about what's happening in your models' backgrounds. We use cutting-edge technology and skills to Cutout all unwanted elements from images so they are clean enough for any context--whether it be online or offline!

We remove wrinkles, and dust spots and adjust the color scheme in your photos to make them perfect for use on websites or magazines. We know that you want the shots taken of yourself looking their best so we add just enough shadow with each edit!

We offer an Editing service for Online Fashion photos. We can change the colors, lighting, and other things to make them look better.

  • Remove unwanted background
  • Replace unwanted background
  • Resizing, Fixing minor shapes
  • Add effects such as shadows or highlights
  • Remove wrinkles or dust
  • Realistic shaped photos
  • Enhance color
Cut Out Fashion Image
Cut Out Product Image

Photo Cut Out Service For Product Images

Product images are very important when selling products online. Many shoppers today choose to purchase their items online, and they will only look at the visuals that capture the attention of shoppers before they even make a purchase. Because of this, it is important to have attractive product images that show all the features and specifications of the product.

You should use good images if you want to sell your product. Images with a clean background make the product look good and stand out.

You can use a white or colored background for your product image. But the most important thing is to remove the background. This will make your product look more artistic, and this will make the buyer more likely to want it.

Our product photo cut out service includes:

  • Cut out unwanted background
  • Replace unwanted background
  • Resizing, Fixing minor shapes
  • Add effects such as shadows or highlights
  • Remove wrinkles or dust
  • Realistic shaped photos
  • Enhance color
  • 24-48 Turnaround time

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We are always looking for new ways to improve our service. We've found that good product photos often use clipping path or masking, so we make sure all of the latest technologies are used in order to deliver an unparalleled experience with high-quality results. We have a team of professional graphic designers with tons of experience in curating images. We zoom in on the image to get all the details, and then we cut out image background by hand. We don't use any automated processes, so our work is accurate. Today, many people prefer quality. That is why at Photo Cut Out we always make sure that our finished products are of the best quality, no matter how many images you need to be edited.